I attend a number of science fiction conventions, these are the ones I’ll be at this year and early next. I speak on panel discussions about various aspects of writing, and also usually do a Writers’ Workshop, on how to get your story started, and a Plotting Workshop, on how to develop a plot for your story.

ConCarolina, June 2-4 2017, Charlotte NC. I won’t be a guest this year, but I will be there, looking for conversations.

ConGregate, July 14-16, High Point NC. I will be doing my Writers’ Workshop, and maybe some other things, and looking for conversations.

CapClave, October 6-8 2017, Gaithersburg MC. One or two workshops, one or two panels, as well as many conversations.

MarsCon, January 12-14 2018, Williamsburg VA. Workshops, panels, the program hasn’t been set yet. Also, looking for conversations.

You may notice a pattern here.