I attend a number of science fiction conventions, these are the ones I’ll be at this year and early next. I speak on panel discussions about various aspects of writing, and also usually do a Writers’ Workshop, on how to get your story started, and a Plotting Workshop, on how to develop a plot for your story.


MarsCon, January, 2019, Williamsburg VA. Workshops, panels, the program hasn’t been set yet. Also, looking for conversations.

MystiCon, February, 2019, Roanoke VA. All the usual stuff. The program isn’t fixed yet. You can find me in the Dealers’ Room a lot.

RavenCon, April 2019, Williamsburg VA. Workshops, panels, conversations in the halls. The program hasn’t been set yet.

ConCarolina, June 1-3 2018, Charlotte NC. I don’t know if I’ll be a guest this year. I have applied, but haven’t heard back. But I will be there, looking for conversations.

ConGregate, July 13-15 2018, High Point NC. I will be doing my Writers’ Workshop, and maybe some other things, and looking for conversations.

CapClave, September 28-30 2018, Gaithersburg MC. One or two workshops, one or two panels, as well as many conversations.

You may notice a pattern here.