Just Published

The second edition of The Black Ring, all six volumes, and technically a numbered series to be read in order, has just been published. The first edition was published by Double Dragon, a small press with a good reputation, and when they decided to go out of business, they passed its list on to another company, Fiction4All https://fiction4all.com. I could now work with The Black Ring again, and I decided to publish it by Ogden House, my imprint registered with Bowker. 

But first I wanted to read it through, just for the pleasure of it — and found that it needed some copy-editing, tightening, development, and revision of single sentences or paragraphs or even whole pages. I had learned a lot since I finished the first edition. So, if I wanted to register my copyright at the US Copyright Office, it had to be a second edition. Even a correction of a few typos and spellings required a second edition, because the copyright was only for the text which had been submitted. 

It took a while, starting September 6, 2020, and ending just a few days ago, to do all the revisions, fixing the margins, and redoing the wrap-around covers with the original art. It is now available on Amazon, and updated entries are in my book site, http://allen-wold.com