Getting Back to Work

I do my best work, as a writer, first thing in the morning, after a cup of coffee. Caffein doesn’t wake me up so much as it helps me focus my attention. I always have more things on my mind than I can deal with at one time. My family knows, that until I tell them that I’m done for the day, they should leave me alone.

Which is why, when I decided to do this blog, that I set Saturday mornings aside for it. I worked on my stories (novels usually) Monday through Friday, then on Saturday I worked on my blog (and book site), and on Sunday I paid bills and dealt with emails and other business, which otherwise would tend to be put off for who knows how long. It’s a part of my discipline.

My computer’s user-account corruption of May 18 blew that all away. I had to deal with that if I was going to do anything at all. It took all my time and energy, until I could begin restoration. That took most of my time and energy, and there is still a lot more to do, but by now I can spend time on writing and other business. I expect restoration to go on in the background for a long time yet.

Sometimes I discover software which I need, which has to be moved from my backup to my computer. Which then needs to be unlocked, and to have the permissions fixed. Doing that usually puts an end to my creativity for the day.