Manly Wade Wellman, who was a well-respected fantasy writer and teacher, once said that calling a college class “creative writing” was redundant, because all writing is creative, even for ads and commercials.

I find this is true. I have to use the same creative (and editing) skills for my fiction, my non-fiction, for my emails, my bio-sketches for conventions, for this blog, for the “How It was Written” essays for my book site, and for my Facebook posts.

When I found that (despite some anxiety) all six volumes of The Black Ring had been published (and were even showing up on Double Dragon’s home page), I decided that I had to do something to let people know about it. It’s called “promotion,” but using that word makes me twitch. I don’t know why. Saying “letting people know about it” suites me better.

So, today, I have posted the first of a series to Facebook, about The Black Ring. Designing, writing, organizing, and making these posts do what I want them to do is taking a lot of creative energy.

After all, all writing, even for ‘promotion,’ is creative.