The Gift

I have been spending all my creative energy trying to finish my newest book, and get a cover, and get it published, and at last it is done. My final draft was listening to Voice Dream read it aloud to me, and catching far too many little problems I had missed on every previous reading. I did the cover myself this time, under Darcy’s supervision and with her advice. Formatting for 6×9 printing is easy, dealing with widows and orphans (including on the paragraph level) takes some time. Publishing for paper and digital was a bit tricky, since I hadn’t done it over a year, I use my own imprint, Ogden House, and have to deal with Bowker for the ISBN. Putting it on my book site (Allen Wold’s Books, should have been easier, but I hadn’t done that in over a year either, and it took a while to remember how to do it, and save it, and update it, and so on.

Writing a story, of whatever length, is one thing. Making it available to readers is quite another. But at last it is all done, and is life on Amazon Now I can get back to work on my next book.