The Opposite of a Hero

What might a hero be like, who was the opposite of my over-developed monster, the opposite of someone like Arnold Schwarzenegger, on steroids or not. And it came to me in a flash of inspiration. It could be someone like a young Sally Field. I knew at once that this was right. 

She would be small, young, overprotected as a child, briefly married but recently widowed, and now on her own. Every problem presented to her would be a challenge. Everything in her life would be a challenge. 

And those otherworldly places, where powers she didn’t understand would send her, to do she knew not what until she got to it, would present her with strong moral choices, and problems which would not in any way be easy for her to find solutions. I as the author might have difficulties with that as well. 

I sat down and wrote rough drafts of what turned out to be the first three parts of Book One, Zhanai’degau. And stopped there, because I had agreed to write, at the request of my agent, the Pursuit of Dianna (not my title), based on the TV series “V”, which I despised.