No Sequels

The writing went smoothly through Books Two and Three, and then, somewhere in Book Four, one of Jeanette’s companions — my characters, being based on what I know about human behavior, have a real existence inside my head, and it was she, not me who did this — said that, if anything happened to Jeanette so that she couldn’t continue, maybe her surviving companions could help her successor. That surprised me, but that’s when I knew that I had not five Books, but six. The story was all there, in the back of my head with my muse, I just had to discover it. 

The original sketch for Book Five had a rather clumsy ending which permitted, or maybe even suggested continuation. I didn’t want anyone to write sequels. (Maybe they wouldn’t want to either.) This was my story, and I wanted it to end, however it did, when I ended it. The woman whom Jeanette would choose as her successor could finish the cycle so that there would be no way for someone to add anything more. 

I structured it the way I had the other Books, this time dividing the twenty chapters into five parts. I wrote it so that Leslie Ann Drover, my new hero, could solve the problem of what is evil, and what does it want, and how do you stop it, and bring the story to an absolute close. Now I had a good clean draft of all six Books.