Black Ring Two: Troll Sword

The Tash Griaf is a powerful and strangely shaped sword, and is one of the hero’s five tokens. It had been taken by the enemy a long time ago, and had been perverted, which had increased its power and, in effect, had cursed it. But the enemy had quickly lost it. 

One of Jeanette’s predecessors had since then found it, and in using it, had recognized both its power and its evil. When she knew that her time as the hero was running out, she had hidden it to keep it from the enemy, who would not lose it a second time. When Jeanette came to the place where it was being kept, it frightened her, and all those with her, but she knew that she was meant to have it. 

It is irresistible as a weapon, and gives whoever wields it the power to command others, whatever their interests or numbers. But its curse tempts Jeanette to use it, even against her will, and all whom she kills with it leave a stain of guilt. 

Though its name is the Tash Griaf, it is called the troll sword, and now that Jeanette has it, her abilities as the hero, natural and acquired, are enhanced by it. And every time she uses it, she is hurt by it, and changed.